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15 Sep 2014

Smart city and digital identity


Aleteia, a leading communications agency, entrusted to Euromedia the production of two videos for the Italian postal service that describe how the integration of payment logistics and electronic communications platforms make is possible to take a big step toward the model of the Digital Smart City. This means a city in which everyday life is simplified by technologies, for better mobility, energy savings, and improved education system, safety, healthcare, local services and culture. In this setting the new Poste ID application facilitates the lives of citizens, who can use new mobile support for their own identification when carrying out transactions.


The two products conceived by Aleteia completely exploit the potential offered by the expertise of the Euromedia team pertaining to digital editing, 2D and 3D graphics, all mixed through compositing and postproduction techniques. The first product based on real recording and contributions builds a narrative rich in graphics and postproduction effects that make the representation dynamic and engaging. The second product thought up for the topic of digital identity has been entirely produced in infographics, a technique that has made for simple and effective information, briefly describing the processes related t o operational flows generated by the application.

Video Digital Smart City

Video Poste ID

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