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To the roots of economic support to the Church

The project

How to easily and immediately communicate the economic support of the Church, in the year of faith and twenty years after the publication of the Catechism?

The video animation provided the answer to this question, essential but at the same time evocative that, tracing in 8 minutes the life of the origins of the Christian community, witnesses how solidarity and communion have ever since then been the founding values of the church. Through quotes from the Gospels and continuous parallels with the realities of our time, the film traces the life of the early Christians which was characterized, in addition to its exemplary nature, also for the communion of goods.

The video


With this video the goal was to bring out a product to reach the hearts of people of all ages. To do this, a cartoon-style representation was chosen combined with the technique of three-dimensional sets.

In order for the characters to appear natural and close to the public today, the technique of drawing by hand was chosen, made by the artists of our team, inserted into the virtual sets with 3D effects added in postproduction.

The film thought out in this way was made available to the catechists, to enliven classes with children, as well as for parish meetings, thanks to the depth of the message.

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