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15 Sep 2014

Restyling of the web site Coltura & Cultura

Description of the project

The Coltura & Cultura portal is a web editorial project of Euromedia S.r.l. in partnership with Bayer CropScience S.r.l.

Coltura & Cultura – the real story of products of the earth, is the first portal that, through articles, documents, interviews and thematic videos, tells the story of food crops from their germination to their arrival on our tables.

The Coltura & Cultura series, consultable online

The entire series of “Coltura & Cultura” volumes, created in 2007 by Renzo Angelini and supported by Bayer CropScience, has been digitised and made available to read online and download a selection of chapters in PDF, at no charge. The work contains 15 volumes, each dedicated to a food crop: citrus fruit, artichokes and cardoons, strawberries, grain, salad greens, sweet corn, apples, potatoes, pears, peaches, tomatoes, rice, olives and olive oil, and table grapes, grapevines and wine.

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