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23 Sep 2014

Euromedia for distance learning

Description of the activity

Online Distance Learning (ODL) applications now make it possible to accelerate and optimise the dissemination of information and knowledge, overcoming the time and space constraints of traditional training. Euromedia, fortified by our great experience acquired since the early '90s and by virtue of the many distance education initiatives and projects carried out for principal Italian public and private firms, is a reliable partner, constantly oriented toward innovation.

Working methodology

Euromedia is at your side in all phases of a distance learning project, guaranteeing support, solutions and services for:

  • The definition of the training methodologies and content;
  • The planning and creation of training content, which may include video tutorials, motion-graphic or 3D animations and business games;
  • The production of multimedia teaching tools available on different support media (cd-rom, DVD, mobile devices);
  • The implementation and management of e-learning training programmes .

Euromedia’s integrated distance learning solution unites the functionalities of a powerful and flexible Learning Management System with a repository of learning objects that can be reused over time, and a Content Management System dedicated to the learning objects, in order to provide a complete e-learning solution.

It’s all managed through a process of creation, design and development that results from study and from experience gained over the years, and that has given rise to a real process of Learning Project Management.

The proposed platform isn’t just a simple technological platform, but a representation of a completely studied methodology for the creation of an e-learning system oriented to customisation, to Reusable Learning Objects, to making an environment that is easily usable by a target audience that is often wary of distance learning, and to the sociality of the solution.

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