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15 Sep 2014

Creation of an App dedicated to italian sign language

The project

Euromedia, already owner of the rights to the multimedia work on the DVD “Elementary Bilingual Dictionary of Italian Sign Language” decided, in view of the evolution and dissemination of “mobile” media, to convert the work into an App downloadable from the iOS and Android stores. The product contains more than 2000 signs in video format accompanied by technical notes, with phonological and lexical variants. The scientific direction of the work is supervised by Dr. Elena Radutzky.

The product

The product is noteworthy for its ease of use and for the simplicity of its interface which makes it convenient to use. The application is web responsive, adapting itself to different types of support and is simple to install.
The product is accessible in 6 languages: Italian Sign Language, Italian, English, French, Spanish and German. The film clips are cloud based, using the internet. This product, unique in its category, will be the first App in a series of thematic products that will make up a real editorial series dedicated to Italian Sign Language.

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