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About us

Introduction and Company Philosophy

Long ago in 1994, Euromedia started its adventure in a sector that was just dawning, certainly promising but still profoundly immature. Twenty years later we are still here, steadily growing in staff, turnover and experience gained, always pushing at the cutting edge and trying to stay a step ahead of what will become standard, and of the needs of the market and of clients, with all the passion of that first day.

The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see

Winston Churchill

In this business, twenty-plus years are an eternity, and our experience is a case study for how a company philosophy of unchanged principles and free of momentary trendiness has allowed us to navigate the choppy waters of new media. We have steadily grown thanks to our intuitions, creativity, expertise and that practicality oriented to the needs and expectations of the client.

The Stages

We’ll let the things we thought up and created for our clients, and the challenges taken on over those long years with cutting-edge products speak for us.



Web &
App design

Creation of web sites and portals, Responsive design, Web and Mobile UX Design, application development per smart phones and tablets, email marketing campaigns.

Video &
Visual Effects

Creation of videos using 3D animation of compositing and motion graphics. Conception and implementation of interactive and immersive applications and installations.


E-government, web portals for Public Administration, consulting on the use of new media in government, communities of participation, Open Data, civic media and Apps for Public Administration.

Web marketing &

SEO activities, social marketing campaigns, consulting on advertising campaigns, analysis, monitoring and optimisation of online reputation.

Sys Integration

Creation of integrated software solutions for companies, realisation of web interfaces for company information systems, IT consulting, software systems integration, and software development in J2EE and .NET.


Consultancy on the adoption of online training methodologies, E-Learning Information Design, Mobile Learning, design and creation of content for online training, consultancy on the adoption and configuration of online platforms for training.

Project Management

Euromedia has modelled the process of managing its projects based on its own scale of values. For this reason, in Euromedia’s Project Management model, the client is the central element; this would seem a trite consideration, if it stayed anchored to the representation of the client as a simple link in a vast chain of planning and creating a product. For Euromedia the definition is much broader and more inclusive, and we have chosen to use the term SUPPORT to indicate the whole of the activities of working alongside, orientation and decision support that Euromedia carries out for and with the client, transversally in all the phases of a project.


Over time, Euromedia has perfected a horizontal organisational model that, beyond the technical and specialist skills, fosters a strong cross-fertilization and exchange of ideas on all projects. Everyone consciously takes part in cooperation with the others in the development of an idea, a project or a product and is not merely a cog in a wheel, unaware of the objective.

The company staff today numbers 20 people including contractors, assuring all the specialist expertise and experience needed to make us competitive in all of our operational sectors.

Principal Clients

Euromedia boasts among its clients many companies, public entities, training institutions, banks, universities and trade associations throughout Italy and in some cases beyond. Here are a few of our most important clients:


  • Bayer
  • E.ON
  • Merck Serono
  • Menarini


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